Coconut oil revisited.

Dr. Florentino B. Herrera, Jr. Medical Library
Journal of the Philippine Medical Association. 1988;64(4):140-142.

Dayrit, Conrado S.1; Florentino, Rodolfo1; Blackburn, George L.2; Mascioli, Edward1; Babayan, Vigen K.2
1. University of the Philippines, Department of Medicine, Manila
2. Harvard Medical School, Department of Medicine, Boston

A review of literature was necessary to correct the misinformation that has been promulgated about coconut oil and its role in a healthy diet. The deluge of publicity and promotion for use of polyunsaturated oils, any oil containing saturated fatty acids became targeted for change, especially the highly saturated kernel oil such as coconut oil. The 91% saturate label was stuck on coconut oil, giving it the dubious honor of being the most saturated oil.

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