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HWNL 2-1

  • Ask Dr. Coconut: Will Eating Coconut Oil Raise My Cholesterol?
  • Coconut Flour: A Low-Carb, Gluten-Free Alternative to Wheat
  • AIDS Victim Tells of Healing Virtues of Coconut Oil

HWNL 2-2

  • Coconut Oil May Help Prevent Vision Loss
  • Ask Dr. Coconut: How Do You Identify A Good Quality Coconut Oil?
  • Coconut Research Center Website
  • Coconut Oil Goes Mainstream

HWNL 2-3

  • Ask Dr. Coconut: Is Coconut Oil Good for Cooking?
  • Study Shows Coconut Oil Protects Against Environmental Toxins
  • Coconut Cures

HWNL 2-4

  • Ask Dr. Coconut: Is the Lauric Acid Content in Coconut Oil Important?
  • Coconut Dietary Fiber—A New Dietary Supplement
  • Fluoride Alert

HWNL 3-1

  • Ask Dr. Coconut: Why Are Some Brands of Coconut Oil Liquid and others Hard?
  • Coconut and Avian Flu
  • Coconut Oil for Clean Air

HWNL 3-2

  • Ask Dr. Coconut: Are There Many Studies on Coconut Oil?
  • Slim, Healthy People Eat Fat
  • Coconut and Cholesterol—Study Reveals Facts
  • Coconut Oil Dietary Supplements

HWNL 3-3

  • Ask Dr. Coconut: Does Coconut Oil Promote Heart Disease?
  • Low Cholesterol Linked to Parkinson’s Disease
  • The Truth About Good and Bad Cholesterol

HWNL 3-4

  • Ask Dr. Coconut: Does Coconut Oil Harm the Arteries?
  • Are High Saturated Fat Meals Dangerous?
  • Statins Kill Your Brain

HWNL 4-1

  • Ask Dr. Coconut: What Does the Iodine Value Assigned to Dietary Oils Mean?
  • Cerebral Palsy and Coconut Oil
  • Drugging of Our Children

HWNL 4-2

  • Ask Dr. Coconut: What is the Difference Between Coconut and Palm Oil?
  • The Palm Oil Solution: A Healthy Alternative to Trans Fats
  • Palm Tocotrienols: A New Super Antioxidant

HWNL 4-3

  • Ask Dr. Coconut: Why Does the Texture of Coconut Oil Change?
  • Animals and the Healing Power of Coconut Oil
  • Conrado S. Dayrit, MD: Coconut Oil Pioneer (1919-2007)
  • Coconut Oil: Atherogenic or Not?

HWNL 4-4

  • Coconut Water: A Natural Rehydration Beverage
  • Coconut Water for Health and Healing
  • The CocoTap
  • Coconut and West Nile Virus
  • New Briefs

HWNL 5-1

  • Palm Oil Protects Your Brain
  • The Soy Deception: How Palm Oil is Protecting the Amazon Rain Forest
  • Challenge the Critics

HWNL 5-2

  • Ask Dr. Coconut: Why is Some Coconut Meat Reddish in Color?
  • The Kokonut Pacific Story
  • Cocosplit: The Simple Way to Neatly Split Your Coconut
  • News Briefs

HWNL 5-3

  • Coconut Oil and Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Do Statins Make You Stupid?
  • The Coconut Oil Story
  • Coconut Slicing Knife
  • Cocos Fries (fried coconut)

HWNL 5-4

  • Ask Dr. Coconut: Can Coconut Oil Clear Acne?
  • What If There Was a Cure for Alzheimer’s and No One Knew?
  • Oil Pulling for a Brighter Smile and Better Health
  • Drugs, Diet, and Saturated Fat: The Debate Rages

HWNL 5-5

  • Ask Dr. Coconut: Which is better for Fighting Infections, Coconut Oil or Monlaurin?
  • Coconut Oil: A New Weapon Against AIDS
  • Asperger’s Disorder: Success with Coconut Oil and Dietary Intervention
  • The Sunny Side of Eggs
  • Flawed Logic Produces Flawed Research

HWNL 6-1

  • Study Shows Coconut Oil Fights Pneumonia
  • Good Fats Versus Bad Fat
  • Trans Fats Banned
  • Bugs in Your Food
  • Bonus Feature: Dave Barry Looks at the Colon

HWNL 6-2

  • Ask Dr. Coconut: Why Do Some Brands of Coconut Oil Produce a Burning Sensation in the Throat?
  • Trans Fats Are Out, but Is the Replacement Any Better?
  • Cholesterol Essential for Good Health
  • Cholesterol Dose Not Cause Heart Disease Study Says
  • Add Statins to the Water? Not so Fast
  • Coconut Tools
  • News Briefs

HWNL 6-3

  • Coconut Water: A Healthy, Low-Sugar Alternative to Soft Drinks
  • Research Shows Blueberries Lower Cholesterol Better than Drugs
  • Blueberries and Brain Health
  • Some Vitamins Not As Helpful As Believed
  • During Pregnancy, Starving for Two
  • Foods and Medications That Raise the Risk of Sunburn and Skin Cancer

HWNL 6-4

  • The New Arthritis Cure
  • Deadly Germs Unleashed by Antibiotics
  • Tooth Decay Sending More Children to the Hospital Every Year, Study Finds

HWNL 6-5

  • New Study Says Coconut Oil Reduces Risk of Diabetes
  • Is Coconut Oil Safe for Infants and Young Children?
  • Can Viruses Cause Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
  • Health News Briefs

HWNL 7-1

  • New Study Shows Coconut Oil Protects Against Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Obesity
  • Saturated Fats Not Linked to Heart Disease Study Says
  • Study Ties Microbes to Premature Births
  • A Brief History of Medicine

HWNL 7-2

  • Palm Oil Saves Lives
  • Most Published Research Findings Are False
  • The Delectable Artichoke
  • Put a Stop to Dandruff

HWNL 7-3

  • Study Shows Heart Disease Absent in Coconut Eating Population
  • Exercise Builds A Better Brain
  • Graviola: Natural Cancer Cure or Dangerous Toxin?

HWNL 7-4

  • Are We Poisoning Ourselves?
  • The Anti-Aging Power of Coconut Water
  • Deceptive Tobacco Marketing Imitated by Drug Industry

HWNL 8-1

  • Ask Dr. Coconut: Will Oil Pulling Remove Dental Fillings?
  • You Can Prevent Alzheimer’s
  • Is Alternative Medicine Dangerous?
  • Healing Honey: A Sweet Treatment for Wounds and Infections

HWNL 8-2

  • Coconut Oil Cures Dementia Patient
  • Uses for MCT Oil
  • The Miracles of Vibration Therapy
  • The Benefits of Exercise are Many

HWNL 8-3

  • Ask Dr. Coconut: Is Coconut Flour Affordable?
  • Senior Bodybuilding Champion Credits Coconut Oil
  • Nature’s All Purpose Skin Cream and Healing Ointment
  • Coconut Oil: Nature’s Suntan Lotion
  • Sunlight and Skin Cancer
  • Coconut Wraps
  • Recipes with Coconut

HWNL 8-4

  • Is Drinking Fresh Young Coconut Water Dangerous?
  • The Coconut Oil Miracle: Where is the Evidence?
  • Coconut Week Celebration Brings Awareness of Coconut Health to the Masses
  • More Coconut Recipes

HWNL 8-5

  • Ask Dr. Coconut: Is Commercially Produced Coconut Milk Real Coconut Milk?
  • Jon J. Kabara, PhD
  • Health Oil from the Tree of Life
  • The Coconut Tool

HWNL 9-1

  • Ask Dr. Coconut: Is Coconut Oil Safe to Use as a Personal Lubricant?
  • New Study Shows Link Between Statins and Diabetes
  • Coconut Oil Touted As Alzheimer’s Remedy
  • A Wonderful Coconut Story

HWNL 9-2

  • Ask Dr. Coconut: Can Coconut Oil Cure Arthritis?
  • Autism Reversed with Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Coconut Oil Improves Brain Health in Alzheimer’s Patients
  • Is Canola Oil Healthy?

HWNL 9-3

  • Ask Dr. Coconut: Are There Studies that Backup the Health Claims for Coconut Oil?
  • Coconut Babies
  • Smart Babies Stay in Womb Longer
  • Deadly Flesh Eating Bacteria Succumb to the Power of Coconut Oil
  • Study Shows Virgin Coconut Oil Improves Cholesterol Levels
  • The Cococracker

HWNL 9-4

  • 1001 Uses for Coconut Oil
  • Coconut Oil Powers 747
  • Acne Treatment Using Coconut Oil and Nano-Bombs
  • Coconut Toothpaste Anyone?
  • Coconut Motor Oil

HWNL 10-1

  • Gluten Intolerance, Digestive Function, and Coconut Flour
  • Is it Really Coconut Water?
  • Gardasil (HPV) Vaccine: Fraud in Plain Sight
  • Red Palm Oil: The World’s Next Miracle Food

HWNL 10-2

  • What is Liquid Coconut Oil?
  • Coconut Oil: A New Treatment for Alcohol Addiction
  • The Alcohol Paradox
  • New Study to Test Coconut Oil As a Treatment for Alzheimer’s

HWNL 10-3

  • Coconut Sugar – Healthy Sugar Alternative or a Big, Fat Lie?
  • Deceptive Science
  • Health and Sunlight
  • Plastic Bottles Light Up Lives

HWNL 10-4

  • Are Your Pets Getting Their Daily Dose of Coconut?
  • Flea and Tick Treatments Can Be Harmful for Pets and Humans
  • Your Teeth Can Predict Your Risk of Alzheimer’s
  • Who Smells A Rat?
  • New 5th Edition of The Coconut Oil Miracle

HWNL 11-1

  • What You Should Know About Insect Repellents
  • World's Lightest Body Armor Made from Coconut Fiber
  • New Study Proves Saturated Fat Does Not Cause Heart Disease
  • GMOs: Ban Them or Label Them?
  • Announcing the new book The Coconut Ketogenic Diet by Bruce Fife

HWNL 11-2

  • Dietary Fat: The Secret to Successful Weight Loss (The Coco Keto Diet)
  • Is coconut oil the new Listerine? Oil pulling has antibacterial benefits, studies show
  • Coconut Oil and Sjogren’s Syndrome
  • Oz Admits He Was Wrong—Saturated Fats Are Not Bad After All

HWNL 11-3

  • The Dr. Oz Controversy
  • Do You Have a Fat Belly?
  • Coconut Oil Reduces Gingival Diseases
  • Ask Dr. Coconut: Do You Need to Oil Pull for 20 Minutes?

HWNL 11-4

  • New Zealand Heart Foundation Wages War On Coconut Oil
  • Seven Ways Coconut Oil Fights Obesity
  • Artificial Sweeteners May Cause Diabetes and Obesity

HWNL 12-1

  • Coconut Oil for Your Pets
  • The Town of Allopath
  • Drug Companies Scramble to Patent MCT-Based Medicines

HWNL 12-2

  • The US Government to Withdraw Longstanding Warnings about Cholesterol
  • Drink for Your Health? Don’t Bet Your Life on it
  • GMO Labeling—Action Alert!

HWNL 12-3

  • Low-Fat Diets Make You Fat
  • Cures for Nail Fungus
  • There Should Be No Dietary Limit on Fat Intake Says Researchers
  • New Audiobook Available

HWNL 12-4

  • Is There A Cure for Glaucoma?
  • Is A New Diet Pill Made from Coconut On the Horizon?
  • The Secret Formula for McDonald's French Fries
  • Are We Being Told the Truth About Vaccines?

HWNL 13-1

  • Protect and Restore Your Vision with Coconut Oil
  • New Study Shows Low-Fat Diets Don’t Work 
  • Warning: Medicines Your Child Shouldn’t Take

HWNL 13-2

  • Are Genetically Engineered Foods the Wave of the Future?
  • Environmental and Health Hazards of Roundup
  • The Truth About Palm Oil and the Environment

HWNL 13-3

  • The Autism Solution
  • Book Ban in Europe
  • Vaccine Cover-Up Exposed
  • Film Shines Light on Cayman’s “Bright Spot”
  • New Cookbook
  • The Palm Oil Controversy

HWNL 13-4

  • Unpublished Studies Disproved Saturated Fat – Heart
  • Disease Connection Long Ago
  • A Natural Remedy for Dry Eye, Cataracts, and Other
  • Eye Disorders
  • The Coco Jack

HWNL 13-5

  • Foods Fight Dementia
  • Artificial Sweeteners Make You Fat!
  • Coconut Oil Skin Treatment for Your Dog
  • Coconut Oil is Saving the Sea Turtles
  • New Forced Vaccination Law Pending: CDC Moves to Amend Public Health Service Act

HWNL 14-1

  • The Stevia Myth
  • Ketogenic Recipes: Real or Fake?
  • Coconut Sugar and the Ketogenic Diet
  • Eggs, Cholesterol and Cardiovascular Disease: The Real Science

HWNL 14-2 

  • American Heart Association Declares Coconut Oil Unhealthy
  • The Warning on Saturated Fat: From Defective Experiments to Defective Guidelines

HWNL 14-3

  • Ketone Therapy
  • Immune System Regeneration
  • Dental Fillings Raise Mercury Levels in the Body, Study Says
  • Action Alert: A Proposed Study of Vaccinated VS Unvaccinated Children


HWLN 14-4

  • Overcoming Adult Epilepsy with the Ketogenic Diet
  • Coconut Oil: Nature’s Premier Superfood
  • The Anti-Aging Effects of Ketones and Coconut Oil
  • How Well Are You Aging?


HWNL 14-5

  • Nonprofit Organizations and Conflict of Interest
  • Coke and Pepsi Influence the Policies of Nonprofit Organizations
  • New Study Shows It’s Inflammation, Not Cholesterol, that Causes Heart Disease
  • A Half-Truth is Not the Whole Truth: The AHA Position on Saturated Fat

HWNL 15-1

  • Strange but True Coconut Stories
  • New Study Links Nonnutritive Sweeteners to Obesity, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Disease
  • The Dark Side of Stevia Extract : The Dirty Little Secrets Food Manufacturers Don't Want You To Know
  • Can Your DNA Predict Your Future Health?

HWNL 15-2

  • Four Weeks Consuming Coconut Oil Lowers Risk of Heart Disease, Stroke: Study Shows
  • Science-Based Evidence for Oil Pulling
  • The Hidden Dangers of Knee Replacement Surgery
  • Coconut Oil: Bringing History, Common Sense, and Science Together

HWNL 15-3

  • Ancestral Diets and the Miracle of Keto Cycling
  • Which Oil is Best for Oil Pulling?
  • Scientific Fraud: Major Study on Alcohol Shut Down
  • California Doctor is Punished for Exempting Vaccine-Damaged 2-Year-Old Boy from Additional Immunizations
  • How the Wrong Science is Making People Sick: The Truth About Saturated Fat, Animal Fat, and Coconut Oil

HWNL 15-4

  • Is Coconut Oil A Poison?
  • The Secret of Oil Pulling?
  • The Most Important Health Books You Could Ever Read
  • Nellie Bly: America’s First Female Medical Journalist
  • The Dietary Guidelines and Its Implications for Coconut Oil

HWNL 16-1

  • Is it Tobacco or Sugar that Causes Lung Cancer?
  • Are ‘Natural Flavors’ Really Natural?
  • Has the Elusive Cause of Alzheimer’s been Found?
  • Brain Fuel versus Coconut Oil

HWNL 16-2

  • Brain Hacking: The Dangers of Cell Phone and Social Media Addiction
  • Fat Heals, Sugar Kills
  • Stevia and Heart Disease
  • Exogenous Ketones

HWNL 16-3

  • Does Low Cholesterol Cause Alzheimer’s?
  • Keto Cycling: How to Optimize the Ketogenic Diet and Avoid Common Mistakes
  • Do You Know Where Your Foods and Supplements Come From?
  • Why Scientists Are Opposing 5G Networks

HWNL 16-4

  • The Protective Power of Dietary Fat
  • Study Show Medium Chain Fatty Acids Kill Disease-Causing Bacteria
  • Canola Oil May Promote Memory Loss
  • Does Low Cholesterol Increase Stroke Risk?
  • The World’s Most Powerful Superfood

HWNL 16-5

  • Is Coconut Oil Toxigenic?
  • Protect Your Vision with Coconut Oil
  • Natural Versus Allopathic Medicine
  • Coconut Oil for A Healthy Planet

HWNL 17-1

  • Virus Death Toll Rises: What Can You Do to Prepare for the Coronavirus?
  • How Safe Are Our Medicines?
  • Are You Drinking Plastic with Your Tea?

HWNL 17-2

  • How Dangerous is COVID-19?
  • Study Claims Coconut Oil Causes Heart Disease
  • Aging Eyes and Age-Related Eye Disorders

HWNL 17-3

  • Who is Behind the COVID-19 Pandemic?
  • Links to Additional Information about COVID-19
  • Are You Ready for the COVID-19 Vaccine? Not So Fast: You May Already Be Immune