Medium chain triglycerides enhance intestinal recovery from viral diarrhea.

Dr. Florentino B. Herrera, Jr. Medical Library

Philippine Journal of Pediatrics. 2004 Jan-Mar 53(1):39-41.

Recinto-Napiza, MCM; Montano, MLE; Mangubat, DR III.

Medical Center Manila



The objective of this study is to be able to determine whether the addition of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) to WHO-ORS given to mice with viral induced diarrhea, would result in earlier time to full recovery of denuded intestinal mucosal epithelium. This is an experimental study. This was done at the Medical Center Manila. Forty-eight healthy Swiss Webster mice were enrolled in the study, divided into groups of 24 each, given ORS. The test group was given 0.25 cc or MCT every 24 hours. Day-to-day analysis favored recovery of normal epithelium five days earlier in the group given MCT as compared to the control group. Medium chain triglycerides enhance intestinal mucosal recovery from viral gastroenteritis. (Auth)


Language: English


Subject: diarrhea—triglycerides—intestinal mucosa—gastroenteritis