A reevaluation of coconut oil’s effect on serum cholesterol and atherogenesis.

Dr. Florentino B. Herrera, Jr. Medical Library
Journal of the Philippine Medical Association. 1989;65(1):144-152.

Blackburn, GL, Kater, G. Mascioli, EA Kowalchuk, M, Babayan, VK, Bistrian, BR.
Harvard Medical School, New England Deaconess Hospital, Laboratory of Nutrition/Infection, Nutrition/Metabolism Laboratory, Cancer Research Institute, Boston

This review of literature presented that a dietary fat fed physiologically with other fats or adequate supplemented with linoleic acid, coconut oil is a neutral fat in terms of atherogenicity. The inadequacies noted in this review and others are suggested.

Language: English

Subject: coconut oil—cholesterol—chemical features