Review: Fat Heals, Sugar Kills

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“Fat Heals, Sugar Kills” written by Dr. Bruce Fife, covers some of the causes and cures for cardiovascular diseases, diabetic issues, obesity, and other metabolic disorders, by examining what we "consume" in our diet. The author gives advice and utilizes multiple actual personal case results, showing how consuming certain fats helps our bodies to heal, and that simple sugars are the enemy to our health. The book goes into great detail pertaining to many illnesses and ailments, and how to prevent such issues.

The basic underlying conclusion in “Fat Heals, Sugar Kills” is that one should include more fats and less carbs in their diet, rather than the reverse! He sees too many carbs, sugars, and refined flours as the enemy of living healthy. Dr. Fife presents actual diagrams, graphs, cases, quotes from noted cardiologists and nutritional physicians, as well as medical research, to back his claim. He strongly emphasizes that good fats are essential for the body, and that without it our health is in jeopardy.

With that same fervor, he argues that sugars, especially simple sugars, as well as refined flours, in fact creates problems within the body – like diabetes and other health conditions.

I found this book fascinating! A very easy read, covering a variety of health-related subjects. His words are carefully chosen, to the point that his premise is valid. Why? Well the first thing I look at is his "claim." One can chose to claim anything, but it always should be backed up by RESEARCH! That was the one important item that he eloquently displayed. I always look at facts and research!

He also presented convincing cases from actual individuals that have reversed their ailments and illnesses through a change in their diet. He goes into great detail about how the body works, performs or doesn't perform well, as well as plenty scientific graphs and illustrations that are easy to comprehend! I really love the various graphs! In addition, his position is strengthened by consultations and statements from various physicians, noted nutritional experts, and others in this important field. Lastly, it also helps that the author is a medical practitioner, specializing in the health and wellness field.

In conclusion, I must admit, I actually subscribe and have followed this diet, or rather simple eating pattern for years, having known personally that fats are essential to the body. An over-indulgence of carbohydrates and sugar is too common (just my two cents). But I really love the way that Dr. Fife explains the processes involve so plainly, clearly, and with proof of his position. “Fat Heals, Sugar Kills” by Dr. Bruce Fife is a book I would highly recommend to everyone without hesitation. It should especially be read by parents with small children, so that in the beginning of their lives they might develop the habit of eating healthy. Great book. Must re-read. Five Stars.