The events page is a listing of places and events where Dr. Bruce Fife is speaking.
Also found here are upcoming events that may be of interest to our readers.


Regenerate Yourself Masterclass: February 24-March 1, 2020

We know more than ever before about the body’s miraculous, biological capacity to RENEW and REGENERATE — it’s unprecedented NEW SCIENCE using powerful dietary, lifestyle and mindset techniques to reach your healthiest, happiest and most resilient you!
Join us at this masterclassto unlock your radical resiliency by learning:
• Fascinating new science of “food as information”
• Using spices, common foods and culinary techniques as “medicine”
• Facts about cancer and heart disease screening (and prevention!)
• How your body extracts energy from sources other than food
• To reverse the most common forms of degeneration (with food!)
• Regenerative, simple fitness practices with maximized effects
• Sorting through conflicting, out-of-date dietary recommendations
• And so much more!


Non-Toxic Beauty Summit: March 9-15, 2020

The toxins and treatments we use in the name of beauty could set off illness at any given moment — and our culture conditions us to believe we need them!
During this important health event, you’ll learn:
• #1 thing that causes rapid aging and depletes beauty, energy and vitality
• Why the majority of today’s “beauty” products have toxic ingredients
• Common toxic beauty “routines” to change ASAP
• How to stop spending $1000s/per year on treatments that don’t work
• Alternative methods that are just as (or more!) effective
• How to transition to self-love and body acceptance
• What’s robbing you of your beauty
• What you can do NOW to build your beauty


Your Best Sleep Ever Summit: March 16-22, 2020

The best health protocols WILL NOT help you heal if you’re not sleeping well! Learn to reconnect to your circadian rhythms to help restore, repair, rest and heal from exhaustion, frequent waking, monkey mind… it’s time to attain your BEST sleep ever!
Your Best Sleep Ever will give you all the information needed to learn:
• The #1 thing everyone needs to do to get better sleep
• What really makes you tired
• Most common forms of exhaustion
• Frequent triggers that can interrupt sleep
• Why lack of restful sleep can cause myriad health issues
• How to optimize your sleep with diet and detox
• How good sleep is tied to your gut
• Strategies to reduce stress and improve sleep quality
• How genetics and hormones can affect sleep


Get Off Sugar Summit: March 23-29, 2020

More addictive than cocaine, sugar drives up inflammation in your brain and hijacks your health and energy causing cravings and withdrawal symptoms, binging and weight gain. Learn techniques and strategies that will motivate you to kick the sugar habit. Go here for details  

Brain Degeneration Summit: April 6-12, 2020