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Below you will find articles about the ketogenic diet; ketone therapy; high-fat, low-carb diet; medium chain triglycerides (MCTs); coconut ketones; sugar substitutes; noncaloric sweeteners; and other related topics.

  • Ancestral Diets and the Miracle of Keto Cycling

    Ancestral diets are far healthier than our modern diet filled with sugar and other highly processed ingredients. Paleo, Weston A. Price, and other ancestral diets, despite how good they are, have one major flaw. Adding this missing element can make any basically healthy diet a highly effective therapeutic tool that can prevent or reverse most any chronic disease. Learn more…


    Overcoming Adult Epilepsy with the Ketogenic Diet


    Read Jade Nelson’s story how she conquered a lifetime of epilepsy using the ketogenic diet.

    Learn more…


    Coconut Oil: Nature’s Premier Superfood

    Coconut Oil Miracle 200As research continues, the number of health benefits associated with coconut oil continues to grow. New research shows coconut oil can prevent and reverse a wide range of chronic and degenerative diseases and even slow down aging. Learn more…


    Immune System Regeneration

    immune system graphic

    Ketone therapy offers potential as an immune system booster and as a possible cure for autoimmune disease (multiple sclerosis, diabetes type 1, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis… Learn more…


  • New Study Links Nonnutritive Sweeteners to Obesity, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Disease

    A growing body of evidence is demonstrating that sugar substitutes may be far worse for our health than sugar. Learn more…


    The Dark Side of Stevia Extract

    The Dirty Little Secrets Food Manufacturers Don’t Want You To Know

    This so-called harmless sweetener may not be so sweet after all. What you should know about stevia before you consider using it. Learn more…


    The Anti-Aging Effects of Ketones and Coconut Oil

    Two senior people New studies show that ketones and coconut oil have anti-aging properties that can ward off age-related disease and extend healthy lifespan by as much as 10 years. Whether ketones come from eating a very low-carb ketogenic diet, or from coconut oil (coconut ketones), their therapeutic effects are the same. Learn more…


    Ketone Therapy

    Ketone Therapy 200How to reverse chronic disease naturally.

    Millions of elderly people are going through the same experiences. The specific chronic diseases may be different but the slow decline in health is the same. And it is not just the elderly that are having problems, many people in their 40s and 30s are experiencing what is often viewed as old age disorders like arthritis, kidney stones, digestive complaints, and diabetes. Learn more…